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Your Resource Center to Exploring the Intersection of Tissues, Energetics, and Consciousness on the Journey to Embodying Your Divine Nature 

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Your Resource Center to Exploring the Intersection of Tissues, Energetics, and Consciousness on the Journey to Embodying Your Divine Nature 

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Are you ready to discover the incredible potential of your body's tissues as a gateway to awakening and transformation?

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Embodied Awakening Support & Healing 

Remote Sessions

 Navigating life on this planet can be quite a challenge, especially for empaths or those on spiritual journeys. I believe that having someone to hold a sacred space for you, allowing you to explore yourself within a broader field of awareness and energy, can be profoundly transformative. It's a potent way to facilitate healing and catalyze the awakening of your unique gifts and true nature.

My passion is centered around the art of creating and maintaining an open, loving, and supportive energetic container for others. Through this container, individuals can delve deep into their experiences, meeting even the most challenging aspects with a heightened and caring awareness. This process enables them to heal wounds that may have been difficult to fully confront and gain a clearer sense of their desired path forward. These are the essential elements of embodiment that I am deeply committed to nurturing in others.

In addition to being a dedicated supporter and cheerleader for your personal journey, I also offer the gift of energy healing work. These transformative healing sessions operate on a quantum level, reaching into the depths of your energetic system and consciousness. What makes them particularly powerful is their ability to traverse different timelines, even touching the souls of your ancestors who came before you. Often, the suffering we experience is not a result of who we are, but of what we unknowingly carry—a burden not our own. I am here to honorably assist you in liberating the past pains and traumas stored within your own energetic and conscious being. By doing so, you can step into greater freedom, ease, and personal power, ultimately living a more fulfilled life. Your healing journey awaits, and I am here to guide you on this transformative path.

Explore Quantum Healing
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 Dive into Healing Frequencies:

A 4-Week Course on Relational Resonance

It's no secret that humans are social beings. We thrive in community and through open present connection with others. Relational Resonance meditation is a very special and unique offering for the collective to come together and explore meditation practices in community, that promote deeply healing relational resonance and heart coherency. 

This practice differs from individual meditation in that we come together with a focus and intention for practice and explore cultivating that intention together through noting our experiences out loud. This form of meditation is quite potent in quieting the mind in that we utilize our connection to activate and expand the heart's electromagnetic field. As one person's field expands, it creates a map for others to follow. 

In these practices we learn how to name our embodied experiences to support our daily mindfulness practices, as well as learn how to cultivate more beautiful qualities of the heart like loving-kindness, joy, equanimity, and sympathetic joy. 

Learning how to attune to these higher qualities supports flow in the biological systems and well-being in the emotional system. In addition, this practice will give you new skills in being with others in a uniquely connected and mindful way, that opens the doorway to collective healing. 

You will love this course if you would like to:

-expand your practice of mindfulness

-explore meditation

-learn the basics of embodiment

-develop more heart coherence

-regulate your nervous system and promote rewiring in your nervous system and heart intelligence

This course is donation based and will meet Wednesdays in January 2024

7:30 PM EST -8:45 PM EST 



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 Mapping Awakening Collective Sangha

Virtual Energy Healing Studio
 Coming Soon! 

Ignite your spiritual awakening and healing journey within a vibrant community. Welcome to the Mapping Awakening Collective Sangha—a transformative membership where like-minded souls unite for support and guidance. Join our LIVE Zoom Classes featuring Fascia Awakening Yoga, Meditation, Energy Body Awakening, and inspiring Dharma Talks. Experience the power of bi-weekly group energy healing and coaching sessions, nurturing your growth on a deeper level. Discover solace, connection, and profound transformation as we navigate this radical path together. Embrace your true potential and ignite intention into your awakening and daily life. 


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"Jessica Lichaa's Yoga Teacher Training is a life-changing experience. The methodology and framework taught is foundational to supporting the embodiment, consciousness, and awakening of our collective. Jessica provides a revolutionary, evidence-based methodology that is applicable to all humans, beyond the yoga mat, supporting people to self regulate and awaken to their true potential. This training is by far the most comprehensive, illuminating experiences I have ever had, and I am honored to learn from Jessica. She offers a compassionate, thorough hands-on training that has superseded my expectations."

Jennifer Alyse 
Are you ready to take your understanding of your body and energy to the next level?
Do you want to learn how to be more attuned, loving and caring towards yourself and others?
If so, you won't want to miss the Divine Embodiment Online Course starting Spring 2024
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In this nine month program, you'll dive deep into the world of the fascial system and its role in your awakening as a human being. You'll learn about human energetics, partner fascia awakening and release practices, meditation, and embodied buddha dharma with an emphasis on the energy body.

This is a truly unique and transformative course that will leave you feeling empowered and fully in touch with your own energy, vitality, and divine intelligence and nature, while also supporting you in becoming a healer to others!


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"Since joining Jessica's Divine Embodiment Program in the Spring of 2022, I have learned how to be more present in my lived experience, while utilizing embodiment to soothe my anxiety and asthma. When I first began to work with Jessica, I had a difficult time feeling as though I belonged in my body, therefore I had a difficult time connecting on deeper levels and feeling. Now, I can be attuned to my breath and support energy in discharging when it builds in my system. Embodiment has become an innate experience for me now, and has supported new perceptions in emerging of experience. My wisdom body now can express itself and I can also connect more consciously with my kundalini (spiritual) energy in a way that supports more ease and empowerment in my awakening experiences."

Lindsay W.

We are at a turning point in our evolution as humans. For too long, we have disconnected from our bodies and our feelings, unable to fully embrace the full range of what it means to be human, and live consciously. But it is through embodiment - truly feeling and experiencing the ups and downs of life - that we can tap into our greatest potential and unlock our higher spiritual intelligence. It is my mission to help others rediscover the power of embodiment and to evolve to our highest selves.

Embodiment is the art of living in harmony with your own experience, free from the constraints that keep us trapped in discomfort and avoidance. It is a journey of reclaiming our personal power and free will, and of learning to work with the energies that shape our bodies and minds. Through embodiment, we can tap into the innate wisdom of our bodies and unlock a greater sense of well-being and connection to ourselves and the world around us. It requires not just a shift in how we perceive and engage with our emotions, but also a deeper understanding of how to work with the intricate network of energy that flows throughout our being. May all beings embrace embodiment and discover the boundless potential of the human spirit. 

It's time for us to come together and cultivate greater harmony and connection with one another. Our energetic systems are often disconnected and disconnected from those we love, contributing to a dissonant collective consciousness. But our bodies and energetic systems are miraculous and yearn for care, attunement, playfulness, safety, and acceptance. By practicing techniques like social coherency meditation and body attunement through touch, we can learn to relate to each other on a deeper, more resonant level, and awaken a sense of spiritual connectivity and unity. Now is the time to embrace the transformative power of relational resonance.

Come and join our community for a daily dose of inspiration and connection. Our free social coherency meditation practice on Zoom every Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 9 AM PST is an opportunity to delve into the fullness of what it means to be human. This free offering starts in July 2023. Come discover the boundless potential and depth of your being, and experience the transformative power of community and connection.

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